Rustic Deer Saw Sign

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If you are looking for the perfect rustic sign this is it! Finished with a copper patina and clear coat this will be the perfect addition to any home. This sign is made out of 16 gauge steel.


Allow for 2-3 weeks before shipping. Each item is truly hand shaped and each flower takes time to produce. If you have questions on your order, do not hesitate to reach out and ask questions! We are happy to provide updates and help.


**Plasma Cut Process**

The plasma cutting process is absolutely fascinating. An arc of electricity passes through compressed air, turning into plasma which then blasts through the metal being cut. The speed of the cut is totally dependent on the thickness of material, generally the thicker the material the slower the cut. There are so many variables that go into a great cut that it can be a challenge to keep track of, amperage, torch height, air pressure, compressed air humidity, consumable life, material being cut, etc. It is a very violent and amazing process. You can expect a nick where the cut starts, some slight edge taper, and some small serrations from cut speed changes. None of this impacts the use of the product. This is standard with most cutting processes but is still worth mentioning for full disclosure.

**Powder Coating Process**

Powder coating is not the same as using spray paint or an automotive style spray gun, which is what people envision when you mention painting. Powder coat is shipped in a...yep...powder. That powder has an electrostatic charge applied to it as it leaves the gun. The part to be painted is grounded. The grounded part attracts the powder that has an electrostatic charge, just like a balloon you rubbed on your head attracting your hair. Once fully coated the work piece is then placed in an oven at around 400 degrees for around 15 minutes (times and temperatures vary). Once it cools the piece is ready to go. This process creates a much more durable finish than typical wet paints and is very desirable in the off road and automotive industries. It is worth noting that each piece to be painted has to be hung with a ground wire. This can create a slight imperfection at the hanging point. While the hanging point will be difficult to notice, it is again worth mentioning.