Industrial Services

Industrial Services

In addition to offering CNC plasma cut signs and parts, we also offer welding and fabrication, powder coating, and 3D design. No matter what your business or household needs, our shop has something to offer you. 


We have multiple 350 amp welders in the shop with a focus on precise tools to produce the best final product. Investing in high quality tools and welders is important to us for advancing our services. 

Custom Part Manufacturing and Recreation

Recreate a bent or broken part or a part from a sketch? Yep, we can do that too. We have recreated bent parts, created custom dash inserts and floorboards from cardboard, shock mounts from a trace, and many other projects for our customers. 


If you are looking for a partner to help you with a production run, we would like to help. We can come up with a concept to prove out your design and produce in large quantities. 

Bedford, IN Location

Our goal at Force Designs LLC is to provide all of these services to the best of our ability as well as build on to them with unmatched customer service. So if you are around the Bedford, IN area and are looking for welding, plasma cutting, powder coating, or fabrication come see us! Send us a Facebook Message or email to set up an appointment. We are constantly adding new equipment and expanding services offered in the shop so make sure that if you need something or if you have an idea you ask. Chances are that we offer it, want to offer it, or know how to get it done!


Contact us for a quote today at SALES@FORCE-DESIGNS.COM

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