About Us

Many of you know who we are. John and Troi. Husband and wife team that can tackle anything together. The little venture that is Force Designs started with a project to build a CNC plasma table just for fun. It has morphed into a complete business that continues to expand.

It all started with a simple 4x4 plasma table. It was truly built as an experiment. John initially built it to produce some small one off items for other projects in the garage and to test different drive systems. The journey was an absolute blast. Soon it became apparent that the project meant for fun on the weekends had some real potential to become a business. Thus it began to expand. But we never lost sight of that maker mentality.

When adding welding as a service, we designed and built our own weld table. Powder coat? Yep, we built that 4'w X 3'd X 5'T oven. Need a fork truck? Lets rebuild an older Hyster S50. Time to replace the air compressor? A rotary screw compressor throwing a breaker seems like the perfect choice. Old plasma table too small? Time to build a much bigger and faster one. Yet we do all of these projects as a husband and wife team. Growing and learning together.

That's where we are now, from the garage to a small industrial shop. The journey isn't even close to over yet. We hope to never lose sight of why we started. There will be a time where projects can't be taken on, but we will find time for small ones around the shop. Maybe we need a new coat rack....


Aside from plasma cutting Force Designs offer 3D design using Solidworks 2019, welding, painting and now full size part powder coating. Look for further expansion of our capabilities in the future as well. This has been so much fun, lets do a whole lot more!

Almost all of our signs come from you! That's right, we do a ton of custom work and would love to help make your dream a reality!


We are located in Bedford, IN at 130 Newton St. If you would like to send us an e-mail, please use sales@force-designs.com to reach out! We would love to hear from you.