How does the fabrication process work?


The first part of my process is getting the steel for the project. Depending on what the item is will decipher what gauge of steel I will use. For example, you’re going to want thicker steel for a fire-pit vs. a hanging wall sign.


After the design has been perfected, I then plug the design into the computer attached to the table and get to cutting. Depending on the cut, it could take 10 minutes to an hour to complete.IMG_2382

After the cut is completed and the steel cools, it’s the time to clean up the steel parts with my grinder. This makes the cut smooth and easier to paint.

Following using the grinder, if there are parts that need to be welded I will do this. You can see the intricate details of the welds on each of my projects. The better the weld, the better it looks and I want your items to look their best!

Finally, to put the final touch on any steel product we make, we have the ability to paint them. This is a team effort for my wife and I. We use different methods depending on what we are working with. If it is a smaller sign or bottle-opener we will typically powder-coat! If you’re unsure what powder-coating is, it’s powder paint that has to be baked in order to dry. This finish is very popular! For fire-pits we use a heat-rated spray paint so that your fire-pit doesn’t rust in the elements.

After all of this is completed, it is time for you to take your product home and enjoy it! We look forward to working with you!