7x12 AR500 Silhouette

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How hard is it to find an affordable steel target set? I know I used to have a devil of a time finding good and cheap AR500. Well, because of that experience, we are now offering AR500 targets for sale! It includes one 3/8" AR500 7x12 Silhouette.

We also sell other gongs, hangers, and pipe ends. So make sure to check out our listing!

SAFETY NOTICE: 3/8" AR500 is rated up to .30-06 at 100 yards. Never shoot steel targets of any kind at closer than 100 yards with rifle calibers and never closer than 25 yards with pistol calibers. Rim fire and small calibers should never be used on thick steel either. They do not have enough energy to move the target and cause dangerous ricochets. Force Designs LLC is not responsible for any risk associated with using this product, improperly or otherwise.