DIY CNC Plasma Table!

Building a New DIY CNC Plasma Table!?

Yep! It's about time too! Some of you may know that we built the first CNC Plasma Table. Building a CNC is one of those things that is a real challenge, but the final product is incredible and for several reasons.

I, John, love to build our own equipment. It keeps my gears turning and keeps me on my toes at all times. The experience from project can translate to all future projects in some way. Building DIY CNC Plasma Table is a great way to save money and allows you to build a great table instead of just buying a good unit. We are able to install linear rails, high end automation sensors, servo motors, and have a huge cutting area for less than the cost of a high end table. So what is this thing going to look like?

Dets man! Give us the dets!

The DIY CNC Plasma Table was designed to be able to cut a minimum of 5' x 10'. In reality it will have roughly a 5'8" cutting width and 11'6" length. The width is so that we can add additional attachments like an air scribe and potentially an oxy cutting setup. There is a park position at the back of the table where it will not be over the slats so that the torch is not in danger when the table is being loaded. Those are the rough dimensions, so how about the moving details?

There are a total of 4 motors, 3 of which will be massive 1hp servo motors coupled to a 10:1 gear box. It will be capable of nearly 2,000 inches per minute rapid speeds to make sure that we can keep up with all future demand. High end industrial automation sensors are being used to sense the machine position as well crash detection. The gantry will have a self squaring feature as well. The electrical panel will tuck neatly underneath the table on the opposite side that it will be loaded from.

This machine is truly going to be a work of art. We can't wait to share it with you guys and hope that more of you will have the time to stop by the shop when you make an order. Stay tuned because we plan to show a whole lot more of the build process if we can!